10 Must Haves for an Eco-Friendly Beach Trip


If you’re lucky enough to live near the beach or you’re just spending lots of time in the sun, then you’ll need to be prepared with certain beach essentials. We’ve rounded up 10 beach essentials that will help you stay cool, hydrated and protected all day long. The best part? They’re all eco-friendly!

1.Reef-Safe Sunscreen

With global warming increasing the temperatures of the ocean’s surface, coral reefs have been bleaching and dying. It’s now more important than ever to switch to a reef-safe and chemical-free sunscreen! So to be safe look for 100% natural sunscreens like Sun Bum Reef Friendly Mineral Sunscreen to help protect our reefs.

2.Reusable Water Bottle

Don’t litter the beach with dozens of single-use plastic water bottles. Instead, make a small investment in a reusable option and reduce your environmental impact. Grab a cool Cupanion water bottle you’ll enjoy using here and stay hydrated at the beach all day!

3.Sustainable Swim Suit

More and more swimwear companies are starting to offer sustainable or up cycled options. This American swimwear brand is incredibly eco conscious, from start to finish.

4.Recycled Beach Towel

A day at the beach almost always means swimming. When the inevitable happens dry off with a sustainable towel. Nomadix has created three in one towels; they’re a beach towel, a yoga towel and a travel towel, perfect if you go camping or our for the day. Plus, they’r made from certified recycled material, are super handy to pack and quick-drying.

5. Beach Bag

Borrow a friends, shop vintage, or pick a bag that has a cause.

6. Snacks

Is it even a beach day without snacks? Snack packaging like drink cups and single-use plastic wrap tend to get swept up by wind and make their way out to the ocean. So avoid bringing any single-use disposable items with you and instead pack yourself a zero waste picnic!

7. Flip Flops

8. Hat

Seeking shade and using sunscreen at the beach is obviously important at the beach, but you still need a hat! This Tribly hat is made from hemp, which is a fast growing sustainable crop and it which is a fast growing sustainable crop and it’s biodegradable.

9. Sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses help with both UV protection and reducing strain on your eyes from the sun and water glare. Nectar sunglasses are not only polarized, but they also help repopulate honeybees in the US! For each pair sold they donate to their partner, The Bee Cause.

10. Beach Reads

Do you know of any other beach essentials that you thing should definitely be included in our guide? or have you already got (and love) one of our top beach essentials? Tell us in the comments below.

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