Improve Your Company Culture: Ditch The Single-Use Cups and Bottles


Is your organization looking to improve it’s CSR practices? Social and environmental principles are not only becoming more popular amongst companies, but also for consumers, who are now increasingly on the lookout for organizations that make ethical choices. Research has shown that 81 percent of consumers are more inclined to buy products from, invest in services from, and lend their support to companies with a proven record of social responsibility in regards to reducing their environmental impact.

With this in mind, we’re on board (obviously) with a growing trend in organizational culture: eliminating single-use plastic cups and bottles. It’s easy, it’s inexpensive, and it’s a simple way to create a healthier planet!

So where do you start?

1. Inspire your staff by launching a Fill it Forward program 

The first step is education – your employees need to care about the issue in order to want to do something about it. The Fill it Forward program is an easy way to commit to sustainability. With Cupanion products and the Fill it Forward app they can track their impact, give clean water, earn prizes, and track their hydration.

2. Install a refill station

Ensuring easy access to a sustainable, purified water refill station is an awesome way to end your office’s reliance on single-use bottles. Refill stations will help you save money, and will allow you to create a more earth-friendly office. You may even want to put an office ban on single-use water bottles when you set up your refill station.

3. Encourage good habits and gift reusables to your team 

If you have budget, a great way to set the tone is to gift your whole team with a high end, durable reusable that is customized with your organization’s brand.

Giving reusables and Fill it Forward tags as gifts (both at work and in your personal life) are a great way to encourage sustainable habits among people who may not have got around to buying key reusable items for themselves yet and would appreciate a little nudge to help them reduce their reliance on single-use cups and bottles.

4. Reinforce and reward!

Use the Fill it Forward app to offer incentives to your employees by doing a monthly gift card draw fro team members who refill and scan their reusable mug or water bottle. The Fill it Forward app is also useful for colleagues who are looking to increase or track the amount of water that they consume.

5. Keep your zero waste initatives top of mind

Keep your Fill it Forward program top-of-mind by frequently sharing how it has positively impacted your office and beyond. In addition to a company wide email or appreciation post, go big and share it on social media!

Whether you’re a small startup or an international corporation there are lots of ways Cupanion can help encourage healthy and engaging competition that will result in building a single-use cup and bottle-free office in a fun, friendly way!

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