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We’re Excited to Introduce the New Cupanion Bottle!


What are you drinking out of right now? Is it a glass or cup? Maybe a bottle? If the latter, do you know what it’s made of – and whether it’s good for the planet (and, by extension, for yourself)?

We’d like to officially introduce you to a bottle that works incredibly hard to help the planet – while also looking great and being cost-effective. (Because who doesn’t love to save money)?

Our new Cupanion bottle is here to take your water intake to the next level.

New Cupanion Bottle Features

The new Cupanion bottle is stackable, packable, and made in the USA. Its exceptional design makes it leak-proof, good for carbonated beverages, and dishwasher safe. The bottle is made of Tritan, which gives the look and style of glass but is actually unbreakable. Tritan is free of BPA and all other bisphenol compounds – making it a healthy and safe alternative to bottled water.

Additional features of the bottle include a smooth wide edge rim for easy sipping – and so you can slip in an ice cube if you like it cold. Plus, all Cupanion bottles ship with access to the Fill it Forward app. With the Fill it Forward app, you can help bring clean water to people around the world simply by scanning your Fill it Forward tag every time you refill. And we can guarantee that you’ll be refilling your new bottle more times than ever before. We, for one, haven’t been able to put ours down – or stop admiring them on our desks at the Cupanion office.

One more thing we love: our new bottle can also be fully customized to highlight your brand. So you can promote reuse at your organization, event, or campus. (If you are interested in learning more about a custom order contact us).

The development of our new bottle began with a clear mission: to relieve the planet from single-use bottles by providing a carefully designed; cost-effective, easy-to-carry, durable reusable bottle for on the go hydration. As too often we’re not aware of the alarming fact that single-use bottled water has only been in mass production for around 60 years, yet we already have a mere 9.1 billion tons of single-use waste to deal with.

So, as the choice to go sustainable and take a step away from single-use bottles and toward a happier planet is clear. The question is: which new cap color will you choose to accompany you?

To get one of our new bottles for yourself, check out our online store.

P.S. To mark the release of our new bottle, we are excited to share with you that there’s a brand new collection series on its way, and you can expect it to be just as innovative, creative, unique and exciting as this new bottle!

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