The 2018 AASHE Conference is Filling it Forward!


The Cupanion team just got back from our 5th year at the AASHE conference! Each year we are amazed by all the attendees that are promoting sustainability at their college or university campus.

This year was particularly special to us because it was our first year attending the conference with our brand new bottle and the new Fill it Forward app.

AASHE Each attendee received one of our Loyal Cupanion cups or they could grab a custom AASHE Fill it Forward tag if they had their own reusable. In addition, attendees got one of our brand new bottles if they took our pledge to go single-use bottle free.

Our new Tritan bottle was specifically designed with schools in mind. Our bottle is a cost-effective option that is made in the USA, fully customizable, leakproof, dishwasher safe, and works with carbonated beverages – making it a great bottle for college and university students.

Every time the attendee refilled their bottle or cup and scanned their Fill it Forward tag they could track their impact or give clean water to people around the world. PLUS, they had a chance to win a Fitbit Charge 2.

With the Fill it Forward app we helped divert 3,305 single-use cups and 1,723 single-use bottles from going to landfill. Plus, we gave over 5,000 cups of clean water to people in need around the world in partnership with WaterAid,, and Dig Deep.

Check out the footprint from the 2018 conference below:


Since we first started attending the conference in 2015, together with the AASHE community we have helped divert a total of 13,165 single-use cups and bottles from going to landfill.

With the simple act of reuse, the AASHE community was able to help the planet and the people on it.

Looking to make a difference at your college or university? Contact the Cupanion team about our products and a custom Fill it Forward program.

Our products and program are also fully customizable for events and conferences. Give people the power to make a difference at your next event by contacting the Cupanion team.

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