Thank you for Filling it Forward at Dreamforce ’18!


This past week we had the honor of being a part of Dreamforce ’18!

Dreamforce is a global annual conference put on by Salesforce in San Francisco. In 2017, the conference had over 171,000 registered attendees, 91 countries represented, and 400+ Salesforce partners under one roof.

dreamforceThe conference focuses on technology and innovative computer software, with some of the largest companies in the world attending to learn how they can be at the forefront of innovation. There are over 3,200 sessions and 600 workshops people can attend plus some really big keynote speakers (like Ashton Kutcher).

Another big component of the conference is giving back to communities around the world. In 2017, $10 million was raised for UCSF Children’s Hospital, $1 million was raised for equality through education, and 1,500 backpacks were filled with school supplies for hurricane-affected communities. Plus, Dreamforce gives back to the environment through sustainability initiatives like offsetting 100% of onsite carbon emissions and emissions produced by employees traveling to the event.

This year, Cupanion partnered with Dreamforce to help take their sustainability and giving initiatives even further. Full conference attendees received one of our new Cupanion reusable bottles and a custom Fill it Forward tag in an effort to reduce single-use bottle waste. With the custom Fill it Forward tag + app attendees could track their impact and give clean water to the Dreamforce ’18 Water Project in partnership with WaterAid. With every refill attendees could help complete the project, which was a hand pump in Tanzania, serving up to 3,000 people. With the help of the Dreamforce ’18 attendees, the project was fully completed in 3 days!

While it was awesome having our new bottle featured at Dreamforce the thing that was most exciting for us was the ability to create a sense of community with our products and technology at the event. Dreamforce is a huge conference with close to 200,000 attendees that sprawls the whole city of San Francisco, so naturally, it is very hard to participate in everything. The Fill it Forward app made it easy to give back, together. No matter where you were at the conference you could scan your Fill it Forward tag to contribute to a common goal of giving clean water to those in need.

In addition to giving back, every time an attendee refilled there they Cupanion reusable bottle they were having a positive impact on the environment. At conference attendees diverted over 139,446 single-use bottles from going to landfill, check out the environmental footprint from the conference below:

If you are interested in learning more about Dreamforce and their sustainability initiatives click here.

The Fill it Forward app and Cupanion products are a great way to promote environmental sustainability and giving back at conferences, festivals, and events. To get more information about our Fill it Forward program for events, fill out the form below:

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