For any sort of diehard environmentalist, Earth Day was pretty much the Super Bowl Sunday of the sustainability world (it can’t just be coincidence that it fell on a Sunday this year, right?). This annual event is a great opportunity to acknowledge our beautiful planet that needs to be taken care of. Like anything…(Read More)

Earth Day

April shower might bring May flowers, but that’s not all. It is officially Earth Month! We may be biased here at Cupanion, however we think that this may be the best month of the entire year (along with something to look forward to after World Water Day last month). This year will be the…(Read More)


Sustainability executives have a tough job. They are responsible for improving a company’s sustainability efforts, balance various stakeholder expectations while working with what usually is a small budget. All while balancing the businesses environmental and social impact. Below is a list of a few challenges sustainability executives often experience in their career: A lot…(Read More)

Check out this article from our director, Matt Wittek on the latest changes to Chinese laws in regards to picking up North America’s recycling and what that means for our environment. One of the first community wide curbside recycling systems was implemented in University City, MO in 1974. At the time I’m sure…(Read More)

New Year, new resolution. We think 2018 should be the year of zero waste – the resolution may be daunting but the environment will thank you. There are countless people around the world that are championing the zero waste movement. To learn more about the zero waste lifestyle we would suggest checking out a couple…(Read More)

Today is Cyber Monday which is the largest day for online purchases around the world. In 2015, Cyber Monday reached a staggering $2.98 billion dollars in sales. With all of these purchases comes an enormous amount of waste that is generated from packaging to shipping. So if you’re partaking in some Cyber Monday…(Read More)