The definition of gamification is the process of adding games or game like elements to something to encourage participation1. In today’s world organizations and companies are using gamification to improve user engagement, organizational productivity, learning, and physical exercise. You can even use gamification to help you cook pasta! Gamification can make seemingly mundane activities…(Read More)

Reusable Container on Campus

We have successfully launched Cupanion Rewards at over 20 college and university campuses! However, we are excited to celebrate our first school that is using the app to track reusable containers! How was the reusable container program implemented? St. Lawrence College & Brown’s Dining Solutiona have introduced a great Cupanion program across all 3 of…(Read More)

In 2017 Cupanion is continuing to take reuse to the next level at college and university campuses across North America! Our first launch this year was at Rutgers University and we are super excited about their program. Rutgers University is taking reuse to a whole other level by eliminating disposable cups from their takeout food…(Read More)

At Cupanion® we understand the Holidays are a busy time for year, so we want to help you out as much as possible. That’s why we put together some gift giving suggestions for the 2016 Holiday Season – we have a little something for everyone from the coffee lover to the outdoor adventurer. Where ever…(Read More)

The Holidays are fast approaching and if you are on the ball you may have started your holiday shopping. #impressive. The Holidays can be a stressful time: the list of people to shop for is constantly growing AND there is always that one person that “doesn’t need anything.” Now we know you have a…(Read More)

We think using a reusable is a smart decision so if you are choosing to use a reusable you must be one smart cookie. So why does using a reusable make you smart? First and foremost it means you are in tune with the environment. You understand that by one little habit you are actually…(Read More)

Professional sports. College sports. Your child’s sports. Sports are ingrained in North American culture. Sports fanatics are everywhere. Whether you religiously follow the game or are just there because you got the company seats to the game. Thousands of people flock to sporting events every day for the game, entertainment, or just enjoying time…(Read More)

A couple of our Cupanion team members were on a flight the other day and we were shocked by the number of disposable cups used on the flight… We did a little research and we found this startling fact. Airline flights in the US use 1 million disposable cups every six hours! An average full…(Read More)

I know it seems like the summer just started but there are quite a few high school graduates getting excited for the next chapter of their life: college or university. Before you know it August will be here and students will be moving into their college dorm for the first time. We all know move…(Read More)