Let’s Make 2018 the Year of Zero Waste


New Year, new resolution. We think 2018 should be the year of zero waste – the resolution may be daunting but the environment will thank you.

There are countless people around the world that are championing the zero waste movement. To learn more about the zero waste lifestyle we would suggest checking out a couple of these bloggers:

Celia @ Litterless
Jonathan @ The Zero Waste Guy
Kathryn @ Going Zero Waste

The key to living a zero waste lifestyle is to champion the 5 R’s (yes 5, not 3) – Reduce, Reuse, Refuse, Recycle, and Rot.


The core basis of a zero waste lifestyle is to minimize consumption and being able to say “Hey, do I actually need this?” It can apply to every aspect of your life from food consumption to fancy electronics. Just reducing your consumption of things can foster a sustainable lifestyle.


This is where Cupanion can help a ton. Using a reusable cup and bottle are great first steps to becoming zero waste. But you can take reuse even further than that.

Using reusable bags when you shop (including produce bags) is another way to cut down on waste.

Buying in bulk is another option since many bulk food stores will allow you to bring your own reusable containers.

A big zero waste hassle is: food takeout. We all know people like to eat out but it is generally loaded with single use waste (check out this video from UC Irvine to learn more). First off, you will need to do some research on places that offer zero waste options (like being able to bring your own take out container). If all else fails why don’t you find a restaurant that you enjoy with a sit down menu option and enjoy a meal without having to worry about doing the dishes.


If you are going to live the zero waste movement you will have to get comfortable to saying “No thank you”. From going out for drinks with friends and saying “no straw please” to saying “no” to your favorite places that don’t offer zero waste options.
The key to refusing is being prepared, you need to know your options ahead of time. For example, if you are going for a hike make sure you bring a reusable bottle with you and if the location you’re going to doesn’t have bottle filling stations make sure you fill it beforehand. Think your going to get hungry? Pack your snacks ahead of time to avoid prepackaged waste (and you’ll save some money too).


We know this is a touchy subject since recycling does not always lead to repurposing. Especially right now because of the recent changes to how recycling is purchased overseas.
We do still believe recycling is a key element to living a zero waste lifestyle. The key to recycling is knowledge – knowing what your municipality accepts and what it doesn’t.

A lot of municipalities will also accept materials for recycling that you can’t necessarily get picked up from your home. Things like batteries, paint, and other household items.

There are other ways to recycle things as well like clothing – bringing it to your local charity or second hand store, the same could be said about furniture.

Recycling goes beyond your weekly pickup so make sure you know your options in your local community.


This one is probably the most obvious one, pretty much anything you cannot reuse or recycle should rot.

The first step is to compost whatever you can from food by products to biodegradable paper products.

The next step is find biodegradable options like bamboo tooth brushes and bio degradable cotton swabs (all of the non biodegradable options for these products end up in landfill currently).

These are just a few tips to start your 2018 zero waste life. With a little bit of knowledge and self discipline we know you can accomplish your goals.

At Cupanion we want to help you achieve zero waste with reuse. In March 2018 you will be able to take your environmental and social impact even further with our new Cupanion App. With our the app you will be able to track your environmental impact and Fill it Forward with each reuse.

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The Cupanion Team

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