National Parks Bottled Water Free

The Waste Free Series: Parks Should Go Bottled Water Free


There is a lot of talk in the news about National Parks going bottled water free. Naturally, this is something we agree with at Cupanion. However, there seems to be a lot of debate around the topic so we will just lay it out for you.

First off, the whole idea of buying something so unnatural in places that are famous for their natural beauty is mind baffling. We understand that a lot of parks are using bottled beverages as a revenue stream. However, I bet very few are considering the cost associated with picking that litter up and disposing of it? We didn’t think so.

Secondly, what is the user getting out of that disposal bottle? A few minutes of refreshment? If a user was able to purchase a reusable bottle they would get the added value of being able to refill it. Plus, if there are water sources around the park and the user has some kind of water sanitation system it would be much easier to fill than a disposable bottle.

Reusables can also provide a larger profit margin than most disposable options (with less mess to clean up) to parks. Many parks also have water bottle refill stations available as well so it just makes sense to have water bottles available for purchase as well.

National Park Finally, National Parks are there to protect the natural land and ecosystems. So we ask, why are the people that are trying to protect the earth selling goods that we know negatively harm our environment and ecosystems?

If you are individual that is planning a trip to a National Park why don’t you take a little Cupanionship with you? If you are a park or campground that is interested in going bottle free we have lots of product options so feel free to contact us. Plus, the Cupanion app program can help track the impact you are having by going bottle water free.

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