Genentech is Inspiring Reuse at their Corporate Office


Genentech is a biotechnology company based in Silicon Valley that has been taking reuse to the next level with Cupanion since April 2017. Genentech had a goal of reducing disposable bottle waste at their corporate offices and with the Cupanion app, they have been able to divert 18,937 bottles from going to landfill so far!

Initially, Genentech launched Cupanion as an Earth Day initiative but since it has been so successful they have continued on with the program!

Genentech rolled out the program to their employees by providing them with a Cupanion tag that they could add to their own reusable bottle. Each time an employee scanned the tag with the app, they earned points. Once the employees got to 1,000 points they earned a draw ticket for a monthly draw. Employees could either use the draw ticket for the current month’s prize or save it for another month. Plus, each time an employee reuses they have a chance to win the bonus weekly prize!

Genentech Metrics

With the diversion of disposable bottles, Genentech has been able to prevent:

  1. 568 lbs of waste from ending up in landfill
  2. 10,718 kwh of power saved
  3. 114 lbs plastic pollution from ending up in our oceans
  4. 3,238 lbs of emissions

Throughout the program the sustainability team has been engaging users to get their feedback and thoughts on the program. Genentech was one of our first corporate customers to launch the Cupanion app program and we are extremely impressed by how well it is going.

Cupanion is an innovative and fun way for companies to engage employees in waste reduction and sustainability. In recent years there has been a push for companies to become more sustainable. However, companies often go for large scale change while overlooking simple initiatives that can improve the sustainability of their day to day operations (as well as reduce costs, because those disposables cost your business money). We think Cupanion is a great way to engage employees to inspire them to make a simple sustainable change.

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