Inspiring Change with Cupanion at the 2017 AASHE Conference


We can’t believe it has been three years since Cupanion started taking reuse to the next level at the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)
Conference! This year Cupanion helped divert 1,417 number of disposable cups and 716 disposable bottles. Since 2015, together with the AASHE community we have helped to divert a total of 8,137 single use bottles and cups from going to landfill!

The Program

AASHE Conference Cupanion AppAt the AASHE conference, Cupanion cups and tags were handed out so attendees could use the Cupanion app to track their reuse and earn rewards. In previous years, attendees would earn points with the app that they could redeem for draw tickets for a chance to win a Grand Prize. However, we decided to shake things up this year:

This year, the conference took place in San Antonio, TX, just a few months after the state of Texas was hit with the devastating and destructive effects of Hurricane Harvey. So when it came time to plan for the conference we thought it could be a great time to bring the AASHE community together to help the state of Texas recover.

For every 1,000 points attendees earned at the conference we committed to donating $2 to the American Red Cross Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund. In total, the AASHE community was able to raise $532.00 for Hurricane Harvey Relief, we couldn’t have done it without everyone who attended!

The Impact

We are also super excited about the environmental impact of the Cupanion program at AASHE. Since 2015, we diverted 356.77 lbs of waste from going to landfill, check out some of the other positive environmental implications below:

Cupanion AASHE Conference Update

With the simple act of reuse the AASHE community made their local community and the planet a better place to live.

Are you looking to add a social or waste diversion initiative to your conference or trade show or school? The Cupanion app can help engage attendees in your waste reduction initiatives by rewarding them with contributions to a charity of your choice. With our program you can engage your community, help the environment, and give globally. Contact us today to learn more.

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