Change Up Your Routine By Attending A Green Conference


Being environmentally friendly doesn’t mean that you have to completely change the way you live. In fact, being green is a lot easier than one may think. Every day you probably do environmentally friendly acts without evening knowing it. Turning off the tap when you are brushing your teeth, switching the lights off when you leave the house, or packing your lunch in containers over baggies. These are all small habits we have adopted in our society that are eco friendly.

However many of us are unaware as to why we commonly practice these habits. We fail to understand how much of a difference these small actions truly make in the grand scheme of things. So to this, we propose that you do something a little outside of your comfort zone, something new and different, a refreshing change of pace. Attend a Green Conference to better understand your role in this big beautiful world and how you contribute to it.

I know I know, not what you were expecting us to say. For most of us, the term ‘conference’ paints a rather dull and boring picture in the average person’s mind full of long lectures, and lots of statistics. However times are changing people!

Green Build ConferenceThere are thousands of environmentally based conferences that happen across North America every year. These conferences are far from boring and draw in thousands of people from all over the world. From food vendors, to the latest in eco-goods, celebrity performances, and huge name brands. These conferences can offer you a little bit of everything. The best part, is that you can leave feeling good about the difference you make in the world. It may even inspire you to push yourself further in adopting some new lifestyle choices that you may have never thought of before.

Verge Green ConferenceSo this summer, we challenge you to add ‘Attend a Green Conference’ to your bucket list for a good time, and for some motivation as to how you can make your life better for yourself and for your planet. Below is a list of a few Green Conference to help get you started! We hope you are having a fantastic summer so far, and that we get the chance to run into you at a few of these great events! -Cupanion

Check out some of these green conferences:

Green Festival Expo
Green Biz Verge
Natural Products Expo West
Green Build Expo

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