Cupanion & Energize Guelph: Inspiring Kids to be Sustainable & Healthy


Energize Guelph Vending MachineEnergize Guelph has joined the #WaterDoesWonders campaign to encourage kids in the community to choose water over sugary beverages. To make choosing water easy, Energize Guelph launched their very own vending machines that sell the Adventurous Cupanion® stainless steel water bottle for the same price as a bottle of pop.

The vending machine was rolled out at the West End community centre in Guelph earlier this year. The bottles will also be available in the East End community centre when it reopens.

The project, which was partially subsidized by the Ontario Ministry of Health allows kids and parents to purchase a reusable bottle for $3 from the custom vending machine. Energize Guelph also uses fun marketing and signage throughout the community centre to show kids where they can fill up their new bottle.

What are the benefits to this program?

Parents can feel great about giving these bottles to their kids because:

Energize Guelph Bottles
Energize Guelph Bottles
  • The program teaches kids how to make healthier decisions. Since these bottles are reusable it encourages kids to not only drink water once, like a single use bottle does, but to refill their bottle with water (versus going for something like juice or pop).
  • Parents get bigger value with their $3. If they purchase a bottle of pop or water, their child will drink and dispose of it in a matter of minutes versus an Energize Guelph bottle, which will last a lifetime.
  • The program can foster sustainable behaviour in children. If children start using reusables at a young age it will help them build a positive habit that they, hopefully, pass along to their peers (which will benefit our community in the long run).
  • Cupanion products are durable and safe. All of our Cupanion® stainless steel bottles are made of durable 18/8 stainless. They are also tested by a third party to ensure they are BPA and lead free. The bottles are also covered by or Friends for Life guarantee, which means they are guaranteed for the lifetime of the product.
  • Purchasing an Energize Guelph supports our global community. With every Cupanion cup, mug, or bottle we sell we donate the equivalent of the first fill of clean water a person in need through our Fill it Forward™ initiative. Our Fill it Forward initiative supports communities and children worldwide, in partnership with WaterAid Canada.

We love working with businesses and organizations in our local Guelph community. Especially organizations like Energize Guelph, whose goal is help our community to be happy and healthier.

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  1. This is a terrific idea. I was so pleased to see this vending machine!
    Let’s eliminate all packaged water from municipal sites, offices and events.
    Well done City of Guelph!

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