Fill it Forward: We Have Given Over 2,000,000 Cups of Clean Water to People in Need


Fill it ForwardWe have some pretty big news here at Cupanion®! With our customers’ support we have given over 2,000,000 cups of clean water to people in need through our Fill it Forward™ initiative in partnership with WaterAid Canada!

When we started Cupanion®, we knew that making a difference was at the core of our culture. We also knew that we couldn’t do it alone.

What is the Fill it Forward™ initiative?

Photo credit: Ernest Randriarimalala
Photo credit: Ernest Randriarimalala

With every reusable cup, mug, or bottle we sell, Cupanion® will give the same amount (equal to the first fill) of clean water to people in need in partnership with WaterAid Canada.

The Fill it Forward initiative aims to partner with charities, corporations, and individuals that want to make a difference by supplying clean water to those in need.

We work exclusively with charitable partners that have experience and a deep understanding of the complexity of the water problem. We focus on creating long term development initiatives that emphasize community participation and education, benefit women and children, and are long term and sustainable development projects.

Why we give.

We launched the Fill it Forward initiative to help alleviate the global water crises. We think that giving clean water to someone in need is a simple and tangible way to make a big difference.

Globally, 780 million people lack access to clean water and we believe that together we can help.

Where we give.

Photo credit:
Photo credit: Ernest Randriarimalala
Cupanion’s contribution to WaterAid provides people across the globe with access to clean drinking water – including Central America, Africa, and Asia.

In the past 12 months we have helped WaterAid:

  • Reach over 1.95 million people with access to safe water.
  • Reach 3 million people with access to improved sanitation.
  • Deliver hygiene messages to an estimated 4.7 million people.
  • Empower people to demand their human rights to water and sanitation.
  • Call for governments around the world to prioritize water, sanitation and hygiene.
Photo credit: Ernest Randriarimalala
Photo credit: Ernest Randriarimalala
Cupanion has contributed to numerous WaterAid projects including clean water for schools in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. Between 2012 and 2017 the goal is to reach 128,000 boys and girls attending 170 schools in sub-Saharan Africa. In this year alone WaterAid has reached just over 29,000 students with access to clean water, toilets, an hygiene education.

We also contribute to WaterAid’s Clean Water for Health in Tanzania Project. The goal of the project is to help over 211,000 women across Tanzania giver birth safely, with clean water and expert care.

Pregnant women will no longer have to walk to dirty water sources, reducing their risk of a miscarriage or early labour. Staff at hospitals will also be able to sanitize and clean hospital wards and medical instrument, reducing the chances of life threatening infections.

Why WaterAid?WaterAId

We partner with WaterAid because they provide great services to people who need it most.

The services and education WaterAid provides helps build communities, improve education, and creates jobs within some of poorest areas of the world. WaterAid works across 37 countries around the globe – with their main focus being in Africa and the Asia-Pacific.

The great thing that aligns Cupanion with WaterAid is their sustainable approach to their programs. All their programs are meant to be long-term – community members are provided with all the tools and knowledge required to manage and maintain their new facilities.

Want to learn more about Fill it Forward™ and how your school, office, or festival can help support the cause? Contact us at or 888.824.7375. Want to learn more about WaterAid check out their Canadian website here.

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