Why Using A Reusable Makes You Smart(er).


We think using a reusable is a smart decision so if you are choosing to use a reusable you must be one smart cookie.

So why does using a reusable make you smart? First and foremost it means you are in tune with the environment. You understand that by one little habit you are actually making a positive impact.

The Rugged Cupanion®
The Rugged Cupanion®
The average American office worker uses 2-3 disposable cups per day, that is on average 650 disposable cups per year. I bet you didn’t think you were saving that many disposable cups?

Helping the environment isn’t the only way using a reusables makes you smarter. Here are some other reasons:

It is a healthier choice to use a reusable. When you use your own bottle or cup you tend to drink healthier liquids like plain old fashion water. People that use reusable bottles also tend to be more hydrated then does who do not. Staying hydrated helps your skin and hair stay healthy, helps you lose or maintain your weight, removes toxins from body, and keeps you energized.

The Kind Cupanion®
The Kind Cupanion®
You save money. Most cafes and coffee shops offer a discount to people who use reusables. Also people the use reusables are more likely to make their coffee at home which is a huge cash savings. Also if you use a reusable bottle versus drinking bottled water and you drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day, at U.S. tap rates that equals about $.49 per year; that same amount of bottled water is about $1,400.

You get a better drinking experience. Your coffee is going to stay hot for longer and vice versa with reusable bottles. This is a good thing for you.

You are more productive. Since your beverages are staying hotter for longer and your water is staying colder you are probably taking fewer coffee breaks. This will make you more productive and your employer happier.

It means you’re organized and well-prepared. People forget things – we get that. So remembering your reusable everyday means you are taking the time each day to wash out your bottles and mugs and putting them some place you remember them. That’s a pretty big feat so keep up the great work!

The Quirky Cupanion®
The Quirky Cupanion®
You aren’t afraid to ask for what you want. Most foodservice outlet cashiers hand people disposable cups without even thinking about it. When you bring a reusable with you, sometimes you will have to be extra clear about what you want and sometimes you will receive push back from the operator. Most often then not you just need to tell people what you are trying to accomplish and they will respond positively to you trying to help the environment.

These are just a few reasons why using reusables makes your smarter.

At Cupanion® we have numerous options for both hot and cold beverages. You can feel good about using Cupanion because all of our products support our Fill it Forward™ initiative and come with our Friends for Life Guarantee™.

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