Reuse: Improving the Festival Experience.


In my last post I discussed how reusables can actually increase sales and save festivals money. However, reusables at large events can also improve customer experience and in turn increase their loyalty to your event.

It’s simple. I’m no scientist but most festivals are in the summer. The summer is hot and when it is hot everything tends to warm up faster (especially when you have 5,000 people standing around in one crowded area). That means that drink you just got served in a disposable cup is going to warm up pretty fast.

Over 20 minute period, a reusable cup can keep a drink 4 degrees colder comparative to a disposable cup. This means a patron’s beer will stay colder for longer which = a good thing.

IMG_0242Another (very important) benefit of having reusables at your festival is: SAFETY. At most festivals patrons are not allowed to bring outside food/drink on the grounds and the average price of bottled water at a festival is $3-$10. The issue with this is most patrons are not willing to spend that much on a bottle of water which means your patrons aren’t hydrating themselves which can lead to things like dehydration, heat stroke, and alcohol poisoning.

The solution: offer reusables and water filling stations (Quench Buggy is a great hydration provider). The festival can offset the cost of water filling stations by selling reusable cups or bottles. There is also more incentive for patrons to purchase a reusable cup or bottle because they get a cool keepsake at the end of the festival versus spending $3-$10 on a bottle of water that they will just throw away in a few minutes.

Your festival’s patrons are not the only ones who will thank you for switching to reusables…Your suppliers will thank you. Your festival’s beverage suppliers work very hard to provide their beverages at the optimal temperature and reusables help them stay that perfect temperature.

Your volunteers will thank you. Your volunteers will spend less time picking up trash which will give them more time to spend improving your patron’s experience in more meaningful ways (and may give them a bit more time to experience the event).

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