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Cupanion and the Winnipeg Folk Festival


At Cupanion, our core purpose is to inspire people to reuse. Over the years, we are proud to have helped countless organizations with a similar belief achieve their goals of reducing their environmental impact. The Winnipeg Folk Festival is one of these organizations.

Currently in its 41st year, the Winnipeg Folk Festival draws both local and global folk artists to Birds Hill Provincial Park. This annual five-day festival sees over 80,000 attendees, there to enjoy the live music and local, organic, and fair trade foods.WinnipegFF_Rugged1

The Winnipeg Folk Festival is one of a growing number of music festivals committed to reducing the negative environmental impact of their events. With environmental sustainability at the core of their values, the Winnipeg Folk Festival goes to great lengths to minimize the impact of their activities. One of the biggest ways that they do this is through elimination of disposable plates. During the festival, all meals available on-site are served on reusable plates. Over the course of the five days, over 100,000 disposable plates are diverted from landfills.

After hearing about the Winnipeg Folk Festival’s commitment to environmental sustainability, we knew that we had to reach out to them. Our past success working with Guelph’s Hillside Festival to reduce on-site waste made it clear that we had sustainable options available to reduce their environmental impact even more.

While the festival has been using reusable plates for years, beverages were still served in compostable disposable cups. This was the area that their team wanted to focus on. After looking through our reusable cup options, we decided that designing a custom mug would be the best solution. The result was a double-walled, stainless steel cup with a custom koozie.

With the design of the custom cups complete, the Winnipeg Folk Festival decided to support our Fill It Forward campaign. In addition to informing festival-goers that for every Cupanion cup that was filled at the festival, an equal amount of clean water will be given to a person in need, the Winnipeg Folk Festival ran an Instagram contest in partnership with our team. For anyone who Instagrammed a photo of themselves enjoying their new Folk Fest cup with the hashtag #FillitForward and tagged @cupanion, we would donate an additional cup of water to WaterAid.

With the cups complete and contest organized, the inaugural Winnipeg Folk Festival cup was ready to be introduced at the 2015 festival. Not only was this a big step forward in the festival’s goal of environmental sustainability, but it ultimately resulted in a better visitor and volunteer experience. The double-walled design of the cup kept beverages cool—even in the July heat—and the introduction of reusable cups meant that visitors didn’t have to wade through a sea of disposable cups, which volunteers would need to come back and clean up.

Through their partnership with Cupanion, the Winnipeg Folk Festival was able to divert countless disposable cups from landfills. This is a big step forward in their goal of being an environmentally sustainable music festival. Were so glad to have been a part of it!

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  1. These reusable initiatives are amazing for the environment. I am a proud supporter. I actually carry my cupanian with me everywhere since attending the Hillside festival 3 years ago. Glad to hear.

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